Unlearn and Unleash


Sometimes people give us advice to keep us safe.  Sometimes it only keeps us stuck.

Well intentioned friends and family try to keep us from failing and falling.  They tell us to play by the rules, play it safe – often it only translates to playing small and playing to limitations instead of possibilities.  As much as they may mean well, anything that makes you feel afraid, insignificant, small, unable or unworthy is not for you.

We are born to create, expand and be empowered.  Anything that doesn’t lead you in that direction needs to be unlearned.

Build Don’t Bash

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”― Socrates
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Sometimes, my life doesn’t done up the way I want it. Disappointment, crappy days, and failed interactions and ventures are all part of the game. In these times, I can be tempted to forget truth and start to feel small and powerless.

The truth is our power never leaves…it just gets displaced. 

We give it away, forget it, doubt it, tuck it away or abandon it.

Then it begins – the temptation is to fight, to complain, to prove, to convince kicks in. The fight to try to make the people, things and circumstances in my lives show up differently. It’s all fear.

Fighting carries with it some funky energy.  In order to move past being stuck in a space of emotion and circumstance that we don’t want – we have to shift our thoughts and emotions from a place of fighting with everything and focusing on what we hate to focusing on what we want to create and experience.

In those moments when I am experiencing what I most certainly do not want, it helps if I interrupt he process of striving, worrying and obsessing and ask myself one simple question:

What would you like this to look like, feel like and play out?

Then I create the most beautiful story – I visualize what would make me feel loved, empowered, energized and expansive. I hold on to that thought. Inevitably, inspiration, guidance and serendipitous experiences come allowing me to build what that version of my day, life and year. Then, I take action. I reclaim my power, stop focusing on what’s pulling me down and start building something beautiful.

Let go of lamenting what isn’t working and focus on creating what you love.

Backward To The Future

It’s fascinating, and not always in a good way, what goes on when you’re trying to “make stuff happen”, instead of following divine guidance and your gut. You have a tendency to go off the path and into ditches, covered in mud and wondering…how the hell did I get here?

You may have gotten there by taking your eye off the prize, but if you’re anything like me – you got there by second guessing yourself, doubting your power and questioning your vision.

Then, you get a moment of clarity and realize that you had it right all along. You realize that you had it “right” from the very beginning, you embrace and acknowledge (and trust) your own wisdom, you embrace your own power.

Sometimes, you have to go “backward” to move forward…and even though it doesn’t look like it – you just made the most important quantum leap. 

So, I’m doing just that.  I’m abandoning the gimmicks, the pursuit of cool, the catchy names and marketing terms and getting back…to…me. I hope those of you who have travelled with and trust me will continue on with me as I continue to create things I hope inspire you and help set you free.


Have you ever had to go backward to move forward?  Tell me more in the comments!

I’m Baaaaaaaack

When Twitter launched, I dove into social media with a vengeance.  I was working in the training and development industry, had several blogs and websites and was, in a manner of speaking – all over the place.

I was overwhelmed, stretched too thin and had no continuity.  So, I stopped.

I decided it was time to integrate my presence, decide what I wanted to do and start over.  So, I’m doing so, today.  No big promises, no grand launches.  Just a woman with a passion for helping people change their hearts, minds and shift their thinking in order to lead happier more fulfilling lives.  It’s been my life long passion, quest and obsession.

Here I am.  This space will grow, evolve, and change.  But most of all, I pray it inspires. Come along for the ride if you like.